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SWRHA Tender Notice: SW008/09/2023

Reference NumberSW008/09/2023
TitleTender for the Beautification of the San Fernando General Hospital
DescriptionThe South-West Regional Health Authority aims at enhancing the ambiance and visual appeal of the hospital surroundings by planting plants in and around the facility. The SWRHA recognises the positive impact of green spaces on well-being and therefore initiated this project to create a soothing and healing environment by strategically placing plants throughout the premises, including walkways and courtyards. The project seek to improve the overall look and feel of the hospital, benefitting patients, visitors and staff alike.
Contact InformationNamed Procurement Officer,
Regional Administrative Centre 1,
Paradise Pasture,
Independence Avenue, San Fernando
Tel: 225-1820, 225-1821 (direct lines). PBX: 225-4325 (Ext 2685, 2630, 2631, 2101)
eTender site:
Publish Date19-09-2023
Expiry Date18-10-2023