Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Applying for e-Tax services with your ttconnect ID

Already have your ttconnect ID and need to access e-Tax services?

  1. New clients with an existing ttconnect ID and desirous of accessing e-Tax, can do so by visiting any ttconnect Service Centre or applying via email at any of the email addresses with any two (2) of the following Identification Documents (Must be valid):
    a) Birth Certificate
    b) Driver’s Licence / Permit
    c) National Identification Card
    d) Passport
  2. You will be required to sign the last page of the ttconnect ID Disclaimer provided for you at the ttconnect Service Centre. For email applications please click here to download, print and sign the ttconnect ID Disclaimer.
  3. Submission of any one of the following documents, not older than five (5) years, for BIR number verification:
    a. Advice of BIR or advice of BIR and Account Numbers
    b. VAT Advisory
    c. Tax Clearance
    d. Statement of Tax Account
    e. Notice of Assessment
  4. Submission of a mobile contact number for registration purposes.
  5. You will be required to provide your 13 digit ttconnect ID. (In the event you are unable to provide us with your ttconnect ID, a temporary ttconnect ID would be provided).
  6. The respective customers shall receive an email notification from the IRD with a temporary e-Tax password, the ttconnect ID number and instructions to login to e-Tax.

For email applications only – a selfie of the applicant holding one of their valid photo IDs is also required.

The e-Tax application will be completed within two (2) business days.

For information on your returns and guidance on your filing, please contact the e-Tax Helpdesk via 800-TAXX (8299) or