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Conducting a Registered Land Title Search

Registered land title documents are instruments serving as evidence of property ownership that have been lodged with the Land Registry, Registrar General's Department of the Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs. There are a number of situations in which you might need to conduct a search of registered land title documents. For example, you may want to:

  • Look at the register and/or title plan of a property you own.
  • Find out who owns a specific property.
  • Discover the extent and boundaries of a property or settle a boundary dispute.
  • Buy an unoccupied property you have noticed and wish to approach the owner.
  • Lease or rent a property and need to contact the landlord.
  • Determine if there are charges or liens against a property.

In general, members of the public retain the services of a private Title Clerk, who is trained in the use the Registrar General's system.



What do I need to conduct a registered land title search?

Land title documents fall under either Common Law or the Real Property Ordinance (RPO) Law. In order to conduct a search for a specific registered document that falls under:

  • Common Law - you must have the Deed number and the property's address, and the Lot Number (if available).
  • RPO Law - you must have the volume and folio number of the Certificate of Title.

You may also conduct a general search of registered documents using the full name of the property owner. However, the result of this type of search may not be as accurate because more than one person can have the same name.

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How much does a title search cost?

The fee you have to pay is based on the type of search you want to conduct;

  • TT$5.00 for a specific title search, using a deed number or volume and folio numbers
  • TT$10.00 for a general title search, using the full name of the owner
  • TT$10.00 for a Single Index Search 
  • TT$50.00 for Multiple Indexes Search 
  • TT$10.00 for Viewing an Image


Payments must be made in the form of cash or Linx (debit bank card) at the Land Registry. The Cashier's desk closes at 3:00 pm.


If a Title Clerk conducts the title search on your behalf, the fees they charge you may differ from the fees listed above.

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Where do I go to conduct a title search?

Land title searches are conducted via the Land Registry Online (PIMS)  or at the offices of the Land Registry, which are listed below.  You must make an Online Appointment via the Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs’ Online Appointment System.  
The offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, except public holidays. 


Land Registry Online User Manual 

How to Perform Land Title Search Online


In Trinidad:

Land Registry  
Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs
Registrar General Department
AGLA Tower, Government Campus Plaza
Corner of London & Richmond Streets
Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies 
Tel. (868) 223-AGLA (2452)


Land Registry 
Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs 
Registrar General Department 
9 Leotaud Street, 
San Fernando
Trinidad, West Indies 
Tel. (868)653-8320, 657-7619, 653-4222


Land Registry 
Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs 
Pennywise Building, 2nd Floor
#10-10A Devenish Street,
Trinidad, West Indies 
Tel. (868) 667-1700, 664-5741


In Tobago:

Land Registry
Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs
Registrar General Department
Jerningham Avenue
Tobago, West Indies
Tel. (868) 639-3210, 639-1330, Ext. 202 or 210

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Where can I find more information?

For more information, please contact the Land Registry at either location above. You may also visit the Land Registry online at the link below.
Land Registry 
Frequent Asked Questions-FAQs


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