Municipal Corporations Contact Information

Municipal Corporation offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except on public holidays.
To obtain contact information for the councillor responsible for your area, please contact your Municipal Corporation
The following contact information was last updated May 7th, 2019




Municipal Corporation



Email Address


Mrs. Annette Stapleton- Seaforth


Port Of Spain City Corporation

City Hall

Knox Street

Port Of Spain

Office: 624-4292

Fax: 623-1125


Mr. Indarjit Singh


San Fernando City Corporation

City Hall

Harris Promenade

San Fernando

Office: 652-1656

Fax: 652-1656


Mrs. Cheryl Sirju-Chong


Arima Borough Corporation

Xtra Plaza

Corner O’Connor Drive and O’Meara Road Arima

PBX: 667-3508 ext: 112, 101(CEO)

Fax: 667-1010


Mrs. Kathy Mills-Mark


Tunapuna/ Piarco Regional Corporation

Centenary Street


Direct line:663-6223

PBX: 662-1537 ext. 1003, 1001(CEO)

Fax: 662-1612


Ms. Betty-Ann Dial


Sangre Grande Regional Corporation

Ramdass Street

Sangre Grande

Office: 668-2461 ext: 107

Fax: 668-2942


Mrs. Satragie Maharaj


Couva/ Tabaquite/ Talparo Regional Corporation

Railway Road


Office: 679-3748

Fax: 636-9161

Ms. Donnamay Taylor


Point Fortin Borough Corporation

Town Hall

George Road

Point Fortin

Office: 648-4424

Fax: 648-4424

Mrs. Betty Ramdass-Ali

Penal Debe Regional Corporation

Hosein Building

S.S Erin Road


Office: 647-3354

Fax: 647-3354

Ms. Petricie Cain

Diego Martin Regional Corporation

17-18 Diego Martin Main Road

Diego Martin

Office: 633-1533

Fax: 632-2502

Ms. Ann Hosein

Chaguanas Borough Corporation

Cumberbatch Street


Direct line: 671-0576

PBX: 665-5320 ext. 3087

Fax: 665-3847

Mr. Ravindranath Gangoo

Siparia Regional Corporation

High Street


Office: 649- 3121

Fax: 649- 2435

Mr. Asmead Mohammed

Mayaro/ Rio Claro Regional Corporation

Naparima Mayaro Road

Rio Claro

Office: 644-2261/ 3760/ Ext. 5005

Fax: 644-2796

Mrs. Dianne Lakan

San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation

Mts Plaza


PBX: 675-0255/0280 ext:112

Fax: 638- 4470

Mrs. Sheriffa Heru

Princes Town Regional Corporation

Hosein Mall

High Street

Princes Town

PBX: 655-2464 ext 236

Direct Line: 655-2464

Fax: 655-9280