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Consumer Protection Information

The Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) became a Division under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in October 2013. The Minister responsible for the Consumer Affairs Division is accountable to Parliament for the operation of the following consumer protection legislation:


The Sale of Goods Act, 1895

The Hire Purchase Act, 1957 

The Misrepresentation Act, 1983 

The Trade Descriptions Act, 1984

The Consumer Protection and Safety Act, 1985

The Unfair Contract Terms Act, 1985.


The Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) is a consumer protection entity with responsibility for providing advice and information to consumers.  The CAD is also responsible for the enforcement of the above listed consumer protection laws.

How can I make a complaint?

If you believe you have been the victim of an unfair or deceptive trade practice, contact the CAD for assistance in rectifying your issue. Complaints can be made in person, over the telephone, by mail or via Facebook inbox.


Remember, you as the consumer have rights.  If a seller or service provider is found to have been dealing unfairly or deceptively, that seller or service provider has the duty to resolve the matter.


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Where can I find more information?

For more information regarding the Consumer Affairs Division kindly use the information provided below:

Consumer Affairs Division
Level 19 Nicholas Tower,
63-65 Independence Square,
Port of Spain, 
Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Telephone: 800-4CPS(4277)
Fax: 1(868) 627-4888
Facebook: consumeraffairstt

Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.


Consumer Affairs Division

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