Free Trade Zones Programme

The Trinidad and Tobago Free Trade Zones Programme is designed to encourage local and foreign investment in export-driven projects that create jobs, develop skills and create external markets for products.  The Programme is administered by the Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Ltd. (TTFZ) under the Free Zones Act (1988).

How does an area become designated as a Free Zone?

Free Zone areas are designated by order of the Minister of Trade and Industry on the recommendation of TTFZ.  Specific areas anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago can, subject to planning and other developmental considerations, be designated as free zones to accommodate large-scale manufacturing projects.

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What enterprises are eligible for Free Zone Status?

The following projects can qualify for free zone status:

  • Manufacturing, including assembly.
  • Provision of services.
  • International trading in products, including regional distribution.


Approved enterprises enjoy a relatively bureaucracy-free environment, exemption from import taxes and duties, and a comprehensive package of other incentives.



Primary petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical projects are not eligible for free zone status.

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How does an enterprise apply for Free Zone Status?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) incorporated or registered in Trinidad and Tobago can apply to undertake activities in a free zone by submitting a business plan to TTFZ.  The business plan must include detailed information regarding jobs, skills, export markets, environmental and planning considerations, feasibility studies and evidence of compliance with provisions of the Act and other relevant regulations.  If the LLC's business plan satisfies the established criteria, TTFZ will provide the LLC with the appropriate Free Zone application form for designation of a Free Zone and/or approval of an activity.  Once the LLC completes this application form, TTFZ will advise the LLC of the operating terms and conditions and the annual licence fee that is applicable to the project.


Enterprises can usually commence operations within one month of submitting the completed application form.

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Are there any associated fees?

There is no application fee.

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Where can more information be obtained?


TTFZ Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Ltd. (TTFZ)

Albion Court

2nd Floor West

61 Dundonald Street

Port of Spain

Trinidad, West Indies

Tel:  (868) 625-4749 or 623-8363

Fax:  (868) 625-4755


Opening hours: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays

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