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Municipal Building and Development Control

Municipal Corporations are responsible for development control within municipalities.  You must apply for and receive approval from your local Municipal Corporation before undertaking any building project.  The following services are provided by Municipal Corporations:

  • Granting approvals for building, land development and land subdivision plans.
  • Inspection of buildings under construction.
  • Construction planning for major construction sites (hoardings, etc.).
  • Monitoring all construction activities to ensure compliance with the approval granted.
  • Issuing Completion Certificates for buildings.
  • Enforcing action against illegal construction (the issuing of notices).
  • Reviewing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for major developments.
  • Providing advice on all building-related matters to the general public.
  • Collecting land and building taxes in cities and boroughs.

How do I get approval for my building or development?

For building and development approvals, full permission must first be obtained from the Town and Country Planning Division of the Ministry of Planning and Development. Please follow the "Development Planning and Control" link below for information on how to apply for planning permission.

Development Planning and Control

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Where can I get additional information?

Additional information can be obtained from the Building Inspector at the Municipal Corporation.  Follow the link below to find full contact information for your Municipal Corporation.

Municipal Corporations Contact Information

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