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Local Government Services

Many of the community services and facilities in your community are provided by your municipal corporation. In Trinidad, municipal corporations are responsible for the building and maintenance of local roads, bridges and drains, collecting garbage, maintaining parks and community facilities, issuing building approvals and overseeing public health and sanitation. The Tobago House of Assembly is responsible for these services in Tobago.

What do municipal corporations do?

Municipal corporations are responsible for the services listed below.  You can find more detailed information by following the links:


Secondary Roads, Drains and Municipal Infrastructure

Public Health and Sanitation Services

Municipal Building and Development Control

Community Services and Facilities

Daily Paid Employment

Tendering for Municipal Projects

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How can I find information or make a complaint?

All enquiries should be made to your local municipal corporation.  Complaints can be submitted in writing, by telephone or in person to the municipal corporation, or to the councillor responsible for your area.  For councillor information, please contact your municipal corporation. You may also write to your councillor in care of the municipal corporation.  You can find contact information for all municipal corporations in Trinidad by following the link below.

Residents of Tobago should contact:

The Public Health Inspector
Department of Public Health
Tobago House of Assembly
Public Health Compound
Signal Hill
Tobago, West Indies
Tel. (868) 639-1252/1433
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, except public holidays

Municipal Corporations Contact Information

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Local Government Reform

Visit the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government website via the link below to find out more about the initiatives currently underway to improve the delivery of local government services.


Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government website

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