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VCIP - The Venture Capital Incentive Programme

The Venture Capital Incentive Programme (VCIP) was introduced to address the lack of equity capital available for small business financing in Trinidad and Tobago.  The prime objective of the VCIP is to increase the supply of risk capital to the entrepreneurial small business sector, thus fostering the expansion and preservation of small businesses as well as creating new jobs.  This objective is achieved by tax credits that are granted to investors in qualifying companies.  To find out more about the VCIP, click on the links below. 

Registering as a Venture Capital Company (VCC)

Those businesses seeking to make investments in a small or medium business venture must first be registered as a Venture Capital Company (VCC) in order to receive tax credits.


VCIP - Registering as a Venture Capital Company (VCC)


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Obtaining Qualifying Investee Company (QIC) Status

Those entities seeking to obtain financing from a VCC must first obtain Qualifying Investee Company (QIC) status.


VCIP - Obtaining Qualified Investee Company (QIC) status


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Accessing Services through the Advisory and Mentoring Unit (AMU)

Qualifying Investee Companies have access to advisory services and pre-investment technical support through the AMU.  This assistance is necessary for QICs to secure funding for their projects.


VCIP - Obtaining Advisory and Mentoring Unit (AMU) services


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