Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago can apply for a number of academic scholarships for post-secondary study, both at home and abroad.  Some of these scholarships are funded by international organisations or foreign governments, while others are offered directly by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.  All scholarships are coordinated through the Scholarships and Advanced Training Division (SATD).

How do I apply?

All applicants must fill out and submit an SATD application form online using the Scholarship and Advance Training Information System (SATIS).

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What documents do I need?

Applications for all scholarships offered by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago must be supported by:

  • Academic Certificates, Degrees of Diplomas
  • Statement of Recognition from The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT), except for those programmes listed as accredited by the ACTT
  • Proof of application to/acceptance from an academic institution
  • Electronic Birth Certificate (with affidavit where necessary)
  • Proof of Change of Name (where necessary)
  • Bio-data page from valid Trinidad and Tobago Passport
  • National Identification Card or Driver’s Permit
  • Persons born outside of Trinidad and Tobago must provide evidence of citizenship and residency
  • Medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner
  • Public Officers applying for a scholarship must submit a letter from their Permanent Secretary/Head of Department indicating that they are not the subject of any disciplinary matters, and that they will be released in the event that they are awarded the scholarship
  • Two (2) recommendations, one (1) of which must be an academic recommendation submitted by the recommender on behalf of the applicant
  • Any further documentation which support your application for a scholarship in your chosen course of study

List of Required Documents Checklist 

List of Development areas which are given priority in the selection process



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What is the Scholarship Process?

  • After you have applied via SATIS your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the result of your application
  • Candidates, who are eligible for awards, may be required to attend an interview as part of the selection process
  • Selected by a Scholarships Selection Committee appointed by the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Committee comprises representatives from the Public Service, Private Sector Organizations and the University of the West Indies
  • In cases where specialized knowledge of an area of study is required, the Committee co-opts the services of experts in the field. Cabinet agrees to the award of scholarships on the recommendation of the Scholarships Selection Committee


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Where can I find more information?

Scholarships and Advanced Training Division
Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation 
Level 5, National Library Building
Corner Hart and Abercromby Streets
Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies
Tel. (868) 622-2181 ext. 1921, 1937, 1945 and 1948. 623-7608/1035/2114
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

Central Administrative Services, Tobago
General Administration Division
Jerningham Street
Tobago, West Indies
Tel. (868) 639-2652-7
Fax. (868) 639-2505
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.


Training Unit
Office of the Chief Secretary
Tobago House of Assembly
Administrative Complex
Calder Hall
Tobago,West Indies
Tel. (868) 639-3421 ext. 242 or (868) 660-7688
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays, except public holidays


Public Administration Division
Tobago House of Assembly
Calder Hall Administrative Complex
Calder Hall
Tobago, West Indies
Tel. (868) 639-3421
Fax. (868) 639-4151
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays, except public holidays.



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