Tendering for Government Business

Most government contracts are put out to public tender.  Any individual, organization or company can submit a tender for government business with the assurance that the evaluation and award of contracts is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.  The Central Tenders Board of the Ministry of Finance oversees the issuing of tender notices, evaluation of tenders and granting of contracts for government work.

Where can I find tender notices?

Notices and information on tenders are published in the daily newspapers and on the Ministry of Finance and the Economy website.


Tender Notices

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How do I tender for government business?

The tendering process, instructions and fees vary from tender to tender.  Details of the tendering process are included with each tender notice.  All tenders must be returned to the Central Tenders Board at the address below.

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Where can I find more information?

Central Tenders Board
Ministry of Finance
116 Frederick Street
Telephone Numbers
Director of Contracts: (868) 625-3320
Deputy Director of Contracts: (868) 625-1868
Assistant Directors of Contracts: (868) 625-3577 / (868) 623-5915
Contracts Officers: (868) 625-4330 / (868) 625-3565
Annual Supplies and Services: (868) 625-1868
Accounts/Administration: (868) 625-3610


Fax No.: (868) 625-1809

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