ttconnect ID Registration

A ttconnect ID is a thirteen (13) digit unique number issued through a central electronic authentication mechanism that will reduce the need for individual government departments to establish and operate their own systems for identifying and authenticating users.  A ttconnect ID is required in order to electronically access services from across Government and to personalize your ttconnect Online experience (referred to as My ttconnect).

Who can register for a ttconnect ID?

Any individual can register for a ttconnect ID.

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How do I register for a ttconnect ID?

Register for your ttconnect ID in three (3) simple steps:

  1. From a personal computer (PC), Complete and Submit the ttconnect ID Registration Form online. Once completed and submitted, you should receive an email notification with additional registration details. If you do not receive any such notification please send an email to 
  2. Activate your ttconnect ID (instructions for activation are contained in the email notification).
  3. Requirements for completion of ttconnect ID, e-Tax and TTBizLink registrations. 

ttconnect ID Terms and Conditions of Use can be found at this link: ttconnect ID Disclaimer




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How can I get more information on the ttconnect ID registration process?

For further information please:

Contact a ttconnect Service Centre 
Email the ttconnect team at


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