Fishing Centre Locations and Services

Fishing centres are located throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Please contact the head office of the Fisheries Division to obtain the location and operating hours for each centre.

Fisheries Division Head Office
Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
35 Cipriani Boulevard
Newton, Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies
Tel. (868) 623-8542/8525/6028
Fax. (868) 634-4488
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays

What services are available at each fishing centre?

  • Toco - Slipway; storage lockers; gear/boat repair shed; market stalls; engine wash stand; gas pump facilities; cafeteria.
  • Cumana - Gear shed; storage lockers; fish wash stand; engine wash stand.
  • Balandra - Storage lockers; gear shed; fish wash stand; engine wash stand.
  • Salybia - Gear/boat repair shed; storage lockers; engine wash trough.
  • Ortoire Village - Slipway.
  • Orange Valley - Two gear/boat repair sheds; engine repair area; two slipways; cause way, locker building; gas station (super, regular, diesel fuels); wholesale fish market, limited shrimp peeling operation is conducted in the market at the peak of the shrimp season.
  • Brickfield - Locker building; slipway; gear/boat repair shed. The shed is used for boat repair and for preparing bait and hooks for fishing.
  • Moruga/Grand Chemin - Gear/boat repair shed.
  • La Lune - Gear/boat repair shed.
  • Morne Diablo - Gear/boat repair shed; slipway locker rooms.
  • Erin - Gear boat repair sheds; locker building (generators & cold storage non functional); marketing facilities; engine repair room; engine wash trough; co-operative office.
  • Icacos - Gear/boat repair building, co-operative office.
  • Cedros - Gear/boat repair building; slipway; locker building; engine repair room, retail stalls.
  • Otaheite - Gear/boat repair building; locker building; wholesale & retail market; slipway.
  • San Fernando - Retail repair bathroom facilities, boat locker.
  • Claxton Bay - Gear/boat repair shed; slipway; recreation room; fish processing building; locker building; retail market.
  • Cocorite - Gear/boat repair shed; locker building; marketing facilities.
  • Carenage - Marketing facilities; locker building.
  • Maracas - Gear repair shed; locker; engine wash trough, retail stalls.
  • Las Cuevas - Gear/boat repair shed; engine storage room, locker building; recreation room; caretaker's quarters; marketing facilities.
  • Blanchisseuse - Gear/boat repair shed; locker building; slipway; wooden ramp for storing vessels.
  • Grande Riviere - Gear/boat repair shed; lockers.
  • Matelot - Gear/boat repair shed; recreation room; fish wash stalls; slipway; engine wash troughs; lockers.

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