County Medical Officers of Health Offices

County Medical Officers of Health receive complaints and offer advice on public health and occupational health and safety issues.  County Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) offices are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays.

The main responsibilities of the County Medical Officers of Health Offices

The main responsibilities of the County Medical Officers of Health are:

  • Organise, plan and direct all public health activities and programmes in the County.
  • Coordinate the operations of health centre clinics and school health services within the County.
  • Ensure that provision of food and water supplies to the public are safe through registration of food premises, itinerant vendors and food handlers with regular sampling of food and water supplies.
  • Inspect buildings and building developments and areas in the County regarding general sanitation and ensure abatement of health nuisance.
  • Advise the regional corporation on public health matters including vector control.
  • Ensure public health standards are administered in public buildings, schools and cinemas.
  • Provide implementation of the Public Health Act.
  • Provide health promotion activities within the County

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County Medical Health Office Locations

St. George West
3-5 Jerningham Avenue
Telephone: (868)-285-8993 ext. 5050
Fax: 624-916

St. George Central
Corner Hassanali Street and El Socorro Main Road
San Juan
Telephone: (868)-285-8991 ext. 4011
Fax: 674-8295
St. George East
John Shaw Avenue
Telephone: (868)-667-5273
Fax: 667-5273
Nariva/ Mayaro
County Health Administration Office
Narine Ramrattan Building
Naparima Mayaro Road
Rio Claro
Telephone: 222-5005-17 or 644-1256
Fax: 644-1643
Southern Main Road
Telephone: (868)-226-4400
Fax: 636-3960
160 Pointe-a-Pierre Road
San Fernando
Telephone: (868)-652-2016
Fax: 653-0515
St. Patrick
Siparia Administrative Complex
Allies Street
Telephone: (868)-226-5000
Fax: 649-1827
Public Health Services Department
Robinson Street
Telephone: (868)-639-3751 or 660-7000
Fax: 635-1651

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