Cancer Care and Treatment

Cancers are a leading cause of illness and death in Trinidad and Tobago.  The National Oncology Programme (NOP) is a major component of the Government's commitment to address this public health challenge. The NOP's main focus is on treatment, education, awareness, prevention, screening and early diagnosis, palliation (care and pain management when treatment is no longer an option) and supportive care.  

Who can access cancer care and treatment?

All citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are entitled to cancer care and treatment free of charge.  Non-nationals must pay for treatment.  Please note that you must be referred by a doctor before you can access treatment for cancer.  Please visit your local health centre or your doctor for more information.  You must bring one form of national identification when you are referred for treatment.

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Where can I go for cancer treatment?

Cancer treatment and care is available at the following Trinidad facilities:

  • Port of Spain General Hospital, 169 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies (868) 623-2951/2/4/5/6.
  • San Fernando General Hospital, Independence Avenue, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies, (868) 652-3581-6.
  • Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Uriah Butler Highway, Champs Fleurs, Trinidad, West Indies (868) 645-4673.
  • National Radiotherapy Centre, St. James Medical Complex, 112 Western Main Road, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies, (868) 623-7381/1977.

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Where can I find more information?

For more information please contact the offices below.  Both offices are open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.


The National Oncology Programme

Building F1

Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

Uriah Butler Highway

Champs Fleurs

Trinidad, West Indies

Tel. (868) 662-4126/1730/5282

Fax. (868) 645-7751


The National Radiology Centre

St. James Medical Complex

112 Western Main Road

St. James

Trinidad, West Indies

Tel. (868) 622-7381/1977

Fax. (868) 628-3232


You can find more information on the National Oncology Programme and the proposed National Oncology Centre by following the links below.


National Oncology Centre

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