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Trinidad and Tobago was "discovered" in 1498, when the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus landed on our shores.  In reality, we were already "found" and occupied by the indigenous Amerindian tribes of the Arawaks and Caribs.

Trinidad remained in the hands of the Spanish from the 15th Century until the British captured it in 1797 - we then became a British colony in 1802.  Tobago, by contrast, was ruled at one time or other by a myriad of European powers, including the Spanish, Dutch, French and British.  Tobago, too, was decreed a British colony in 1814, and the Crown enjoined us administratively in 1889.  Trinidad and Tobago achieved independence from England in 1962 and became the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 1976.

Did You Know

Before the arrival of the Spanish, the Carib people called Trinidad "The Land of the Hummingbird".

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