This Help section has been written to assist both first-time and regular site users in getting the most out of ttconnect Online and Trinidad and Tobago Government websites.


Getting Started


Not sure where to look for the information you need? ttconnect Online gives you several ways to browse through available information and services.


The view when you first arrive at the site is the ttconnect Online Home page. This page provides links to dedicated categories for citizens, businesses and non-residents to help guide you to locate the desired service.


A number of Trinidad and Tobago Government services can now be accessed over the Internet, and the section entitled Top e-Services can help you find them.


The How Do I section provides links to the answers to the most common questions on Government services.


The Directories section provides quick links to contact information for Government personnel, ministries and agencies.


The Useful Links section contains links that take you directly to available Ministry websites, Government Bodies, and State Enterprises, just to name a few.

The Featured Sites section highlights the latest Government events, programs, and documents that may be of interest to the public.


Top news stories, as well as other news headlines are available in the Latest News Section.

The Events and Holidays section features upcoming events and holidays in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a complete listing of official public holidays.


Browse by Gateway


Services on ttconnect Online are arranged around common groups within society, each of which has its own specific needs from government. Clicking on a group name will take you to a "gateway" page of key links to services specifically chosen to meet the needs of that group.

Services are arranged for the following groups:

  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Non-Residents

Browse By User Group


When you enter any of the three ttconnect Online gateways, you can use the "Who Are You" section to view services specifically chosen to meet the needs of that user group.


Browse By Topic


When you enter any of the three ttconnect Online gateways, you can use the Browse By Topic feature to find the information you are looking for. This is the most comprehensive browsing option, allowing you to explore hundreds of links divided into over 50 categories and sub-categories.


About T&T


About T&T is an information-packed guide to our country, covering everything from weather and history to culture and government.


You can use the content menu on the left side of the page to explore each section of About T&T.




The ttconnect Online search is a fast, current and comprehensive full text search service. Users can search for information in either simple or advanced mode. Searching can also be enhanced by the use of search operators, which are symbols that can be added to a search to permit more complicated queries.


The Search input box is located at the top right of every page on ttconnect Online. To use the search simply type in your search words and click the search arrow button or press 'Enter'.


If your search didn't return the results you were after, you can alter your search words and search again by adding or removing words from the search. or even delete everything and start a completely new search.


Contact Us


If you can't find the answer to your question here, contact us and we will do our best to answer it for you.



ttconnect FAQs


Q: What is ttconnect Online?

A: ttconnect Online is a new and alternative way of accessing Government information via the Internet. It is part of a broader programme to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Government service delivery.


Q: How does ttconnect Online benefit the people of Trinidad & Tobago?

A: A user-centric approach was employed in designing ttconnect Online. This means that information is arranged with your needs in mind.
ttconnect Online strives to fulfil the needs of all its users. At present it focuses broadly on three (3) categories of users -


  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Visitors and Non-Nationals


ttconnect Online is a one-stop, non-stop site for accessing "all of Government" from a single location. The current version provides you with a convenient way to access Government information online, and will evolve to include key Government services online.


Q: Does ttconnect Online provide access to any Government services online?

A: Yes. Current Government services online include applying for national housing, applying for a work permit, searching for and registering a business, performing an income tax self-assessment, and applying to the On-the-Job-Trainee (OJT) programme. As additional Government services continue to be re-engineered and automated, increasingly they will become accessible via ttconnect Online

Your ongoing feedback continues to assist Government in determining those services that are most relevant to you.


Q: Will ttconnect Online replace Ministry websites?

A: No, ttconnect Online will not replace Ministry websites. Ministries will continue developing their individual websites, and you will be able to access links to existing Ministry websites through ttconnect Online, where appropriate.

Ministry websites typically present information from an agency-centric perspective. In contrast, ttconnect Online is designed around the specific needs of its users (citizens, businesses, visitors and non-nationals). Now, you can access Government information without first needing to know the specific Ministry responsible.


Q: How do I apply for a VISA to visit Trinidad & Tobago?

A: Visitors from certain countries may require a VISA to visit Trinidad & Tobago. A full listing of these countries is listed on the Ministry of National Security’s Immigration Division website.


Q: How do I report criminal and illegal activities to the authorities?

A: You can access a variety of Law and Justice Services on the Citizens Gateway of ttconnect Online. For further information on reporting criminal and illegal activities, you can visit the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service section of the Ministry of National Security website.


Q: How do I make queries regarding laws or legal processes?

A: You can view or query information regarding the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago through the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago services on ttconnect Online.


Q: How can I track my application for housing with the HDC?

A: This service is not currently available on ttconnect Online. However you can visit the Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs website to track applications made for housing through the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).


Q: How do I renew my Trinidad & Tobago Passport?

A: You can view information about renewing your Trinidad & Tobago Passport through the Citizens Gateway of ttconnect Online.


Q: How to obtain souvenirs or promotional items from Trinidad & Tobago?

A: This information is not currently available on ttconnect Online. However this information would be considered in the future growth and development of ttconnect Online.


Q: How do I apply for an electronic birth certificate?

A: You can access the electronic birth certificate form on ttconnect Online to download and complete. Alternatively, you can apply in person at any Ministry of Legal Affairs office, sub-office or listed TTPost outlets.


Q: Where can I find Ministry contact information?

A: You can find Ministry Contact Information for any Ministry using ttconnect Online.


Q: How can I locate family members or other individuals in Trinidad & Tobago?

A: This service is not currently available on ttconnect Online. However this service would be considered in the future growth and development of ttconnect Online.


Q: Where can I find information on Trinidad & Tobago’s foreign embassies or consulates?

A: You can access Information on Trinidad & Tobago Consulates and International Embassies using ttconnect Online.


Q: Where can I find a list of annual cultural events and holidays?

A: On ttconnect Online you can find a comprehensive list of holidays and cultural events.


Q: Can a foreign business invest in Trinidad & Tobago?

A: Information on foreign business opportunities for investment can be found on ttconnect Online.


Q: What are the taxes associated with imports and exports?

A: Information on the various taxes and duties on imports and exports can be found on ttconnect Online.


Q: Where can I find a listing of schools and other educational institutions in Trinidad & Tobago?

A: ttconnect Online offers comprehensive information about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Educational Institutions in Trinidad & Tobago.


Q: How can I obtain academic examination results?

A: ttconnect Online provides regular updates of various academic results associated with the Ministry of Education.


Q: How do I apply for employment within the public sector?

A: You can apply for employment with the Public Sector through ttconnect Online. The National Employment Service allows you to apply for various jobs through ttconnect Online.


Q: Does ttconnect Online provide public directory services for businesses and individuals?

A: This service is not currently available on ttconnect Online. However this service would be considered in the future growth and development of ttconnect Online.


Q: Can I advertise or market my products through ttconnect Online?

A: This service is not currently available on ttconnect Online. However this service would be considered in the future growth and development of ttconnect Online.


Q: An external website link on ttconnect Online is unavailable. Why can't I access this link?

A: ttconnect Online provides a variety of external links to complement the information and services provided to our valued users. These links can direct you to the websites of government ministries, bodies and related organizations, as well as official resources such as government documents and/or applications.

In the event that there is a broken link or problem with a referred website, our support team works closely with the associated webmaster to identify and rectify the problem. The availability, accuracy and integrity of all external websites provided on ttconnect Online are of paramount importance. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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