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National Holidays: Republic Day

When Trinidad and Tobago achieved independence on August 31st, 1962, the monarchy continued, in that, Her Majesty the Queen remained the Queen of Trinidad and Tobago and all citizens continued to owe allegiance to Her. After many years of being a monarchy, it was decided that Trinidad and Tobago should no longer be required to owe allegiance to the Queen and should therefore become a Republic having a Head of State in its own right.Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1st, 1976. The event was celebrated as a public holiday on September 24th because this is the date when the first Parliament met under the new Republican Constitution.

To bring about such a meaningful and independent status, the conversion of the former Constitution from its character as an Order in Council of the Queen into that of an indigenous instrument of government fashioned by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, was effected by the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago enacting the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Act, 1976.

The Constitution provides for a President who, in the exercise of his functions under the Constitution or any other law, acts in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet or a minister acting under the general authority of the Cabinet where provision is made by the constitution.

The Constitution also provides for the Prime Minister to keep the President fully informed concerning the general conduct of the government of Trinidad and Tobago and to furnish him with such information as he may request on any matter relating to the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

A principal feature of the Constitution is the inclusion of a comprehensive set of fundamental human rights and freedoms whereby all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and minorities are provided with effective safeguards against arbitrary government and acts of the executive or other bodies or authorities which may be inconsistent with the concept of the Rule of Law.

These fundamental human rights and freedoms have been entrenched in the Constitution and any alteration of any of them can only be effected by the consent of effective majorities of both houses of Parliament.

Source: National Library and Information System Authority website


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