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Current Government Vacancies

Employment opportunities in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago can be found via the links listed below.

Government Employment Vacancies


Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries


Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Arts


Ministry of Education


Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries


Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs


Ministry of Health


Ministry of Housing


Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development


Ministry of National Security


Office of the Prime Minister


Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs


Ministry of Trade and Industry


Ministry of Tourism


Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs


Ministry of Social Development and Family Services


Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government


Ministry of Public Utilities


Ministry of Public Administration and Communication


Ministry of Planning and Development


Children's Life Fund


Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago


Caribbean Airlines Limited


e TecK - Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited




National Flour Mills Limited


Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries




Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association


Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards


The Educational Facilities Company Limited


The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago




Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited




Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago




Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission






Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission








Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation

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