Registration of Sporting Organizations

In order to access funding and technical resources from the Ministry, sport-related organizations at community level must be registered.

How do I register?

Fill out the registration form, accompanied by the relevant documents about your organization. Your application will be assessed and if satisfactory, you will be issued a certificate of registration as a bona fide sport organization.

Your registration with the Ministry may assist in securing financial assistance from private entities, and entitles that organization to apply for grant funding, as well as request technical assistance with projects and programmes.

Ensure that it is correctly filled out and attach the required documents.

The entire application must then be submitted to any of the Division of Physical Education and Sport offices. You should receive a response on whether your application was successful within 10 working days. A certificate of registration will then be issued to your organization.


Registration Form for National Sporting Organizations and Sporting Clubs

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Where can I find more information?

Head Sport Office
Level 8, Nicholas Tower 
63-64 Independence Square 
Port of Spain 
Tel: (868) 625-6088 ext 5187


Division of Physical Education and Sport Offices

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