Applying for Import Duty Concessions

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago offers incentives to local and foreign investors and local manufacturers for undertaking certain investment projects.  Section 56 of the Customs Act provides for import duty concessions to encourage industrial development, promote investment, and facilitate trade. 
Import Duty Concessions allow such companies to receive exemptions on import/customs duties for items that they import as supplies for their manufacturing or processing needs. These items include raw materials, machinery, equipment and packaging material


What entities are eligible to receive import duty concessions?

Locally-based manufacturers are eligible to be granted import duty concessions to assist with reducing their production costs.
Eligibility is also dependent on the following criteria:
  1. The company must be incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. The company must be VAT and BIR registered
  3. Part of the production of the final output must be done locally

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What is the process for applying for import duty concessions?

Stage 1: Application 
  • To apply for Import Duty of Concessions applicants must first obtain a ttconnect ID and complete a TTBizlink registration which would enable your access to e-import duty Concessions on the Single Electronic Window (SEW) Portal.
  • Clients are encouraged to utilize the reengineered ttconnect ID processes which have been automated for increased client convenience.
  • The Applicant acting on behalf of the company then submits an electronic application to the 
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) via the TTBizLink website
  • The Applicant must scan and upload the Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation onto the TTBizLink e-application


Stage 2: Processing 
  • The Investment Directorate of the MTI reviews the application, along with the supporting documents. 
  • The Investment Directorate of the MTI prepares an Evaluation Report through TTBizLink.
Stage 3: Approval
  • The Evaluation Report is forwarded to the Permanent Secretary (PS) and then to the Minister of Trade and Industry through TTBizLink for consideration. 

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What happens after an application is submitted?

Please note:  You will not receive any e-mail notification upon submission of your application.
An official from the Ministry of Trade and Industry will review the application and, if there is any query in the approval stage you will be contacted via email. Once the application has been successful, you will receive an immediate e-mail notification concerning the final decision of the minister. An official letter is sent to the applicant to inform him/her of the Minister’s decision.


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Where can I obtain more information?

Ministry of Trade and Industry 
Trade Licence Unit
Ground Floor, TTMA Building, #42 Tenth Avenue, Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Phone :(868) 674-3545 or (868) 675-8242 
Fax: (868) 675-5465 
PBX: (868)638-9151


Ministry of Trade and Industry


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