The Sport and Culture Fund - Supporting Documentation Requirements

The documents to be submitted along with the application form, depend on the purpose for which funding is being sought.  A list of the various requirements for supporting documentation is provided below.

Organisations and Groups Applying for Funding

Organizations or groups applying for assistance must provide the following in addition to the supporting documents outlined below for the particular application:

  • Minutes of the annual general meeting of the preceding year.
  • An audited financial statement for the preceding year.
  • The annual report for the preceding year.
  • The annual budget and programme of activities for the current year, including plans for funding such activities.
  • A detailed budgetary proposal including anticipated income and expenditures for the project for which funding is being sought.
  • Evidence of efforts to raise funds including donations, sponsorship, appearance fees and gate fees.

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Funding for Sporting and Cultural Facilities

Applications for assistance with the provision or upgrading of sporting and cultural facilities must be accompanied by:

  • A feasibility study.
  • A detailed estimate of project costs prepared by a recognized body.
  • Satisfactory evidence of proper tendering procedures.
  • Approval from such qualified consultant as the Board may determine.

The organization, group or individual will be required to sign a letter of commitment to undertake the project for which funds are to be provided. Also, the Board will require progress reports from a competent and qualified authority. Funds will be disbursed only on the condition that there has been satisfactory progress as determined by the Board or its appropriate agent.

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Funding for Sporting and Cultural Events

Applications for assistance with competitions and tournaments, productions and exhibitions, festivals, physical training and coaching, meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences must be accompanied by a project profile which will include:

  • The major objective of the event.
  • The event name.
  • A programme of activities or agenda.
  • The date of the event.
  • The event venue.
  • The participants.
  • The terms and conditions of participation.
  • A previous record.
  • A budget estimate.

For overseas tours, accompanying documentation must also include:



  • Evidence of the bona fides of the activity organizers.
  • A letter of invitation from the organizers.
  • A budget.

In cases where the organization is hosting a regional or international event in Trinidad and Tobago, the hosting of the event must have the approval of government and the appropriate governing body. If assistance is sought for the utilization of a foreign coach or tutor, the need for such expertise must be justified.

With respect to overseas events, the visit should not be one which goes against the foreign policy of Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, wherever possible, the National Carrier must be used for air travel.



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Funding for Research and Publications

Applications for assistance with research and publications must be accompanied by:

  • A project plan.
  • Plans for distribution.
  • The parties involved in the publication.
  • A budget.

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Funding for Advanced Studies

Applications for assistance with advanced studies in the field of sport and culture must be accompanied by:

  • Evidence of nationality and age by either:
    • Copies of the first four pages of a valid Trinidad and Tobago passport.
    • A copy of the applicant's birth certificate together with evidence of Trinidad and Tobago citizenship.
  • Proof that the applicant is currently enrolled in or has been accepted for a specified course at an acceptable institution showing that such course is related to either sport or culture.
  • Letter of acceptance or documentary evidence of enrolment, indicating course length, and details of the course contents.
  • Three testimonials.
  • Copies of academic certificates, degrees, diplomas and transcripts.
  • Evidence that the institution and programme of study have accredited status.
  • Evidence of any financial support, personal or otherwise.
  • Other information as may be requested by the Board. Where information is requested and has not been received within three months from the date requested, the application will be considered withdrawn. 

A recipient of funding for advanced studies must undertake to: 

  • Authorize the educational institution in which he/she is enrolled to release his/her academic records (e.g., results, progress reports, transcripts) at the end of each term (e.g., semester, trimester, quarter).
  • Inform the Secretary, Sport and Culture Board of Management or the relevant Trinidad and Tobago Diplomatic Mission abroad of his/her mailing address or any change thereto.
  • Inform the Secretary, Sport and Culture Board of Management of completion of course of study and his/her return to Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Abide by any other condition that may pertain to the particular grant or award as stipulated.
  • Obtain the necessary approval of the Board for continuation of studies beyond the previously approved date.

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