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Reference No: SW002/11/2021
Title: Tender for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of One (1) Washer Disinfector and Three (3) Sterilizers for the Central Sterilization Services Department at the San Fernando General Hospital

The Washer/Disinfector must be suitable for a Central Sterilization Services Department (CSSD). The Washer/Disinfector is intended for use in the cleaning and disinfection of soiled reusable utensils, trays, glassware, bedpans and urinals, rubber and plastic goods, simple hard-surfaced rigid surgical instruments (such as forceps and clamps), and other similar and related items found in healthcare facilities. The washer/disinfector must be a high capacity two-door pass-through model. 

Category(s): Dental, Medical & Bio Medical Furniture & Equipment
Contact Info:

Secretary of the Tender Committee,
Regional Administrative Centre 1,
Paradise Pasture,
Independence Avenue, San Fernando
Tel: 225-1820, 225-1821 (direct lines). PBX: 225-4325 (Ext 2685, 2630, 2631, 2101)
eTender site:

Issue Date: Nov 25, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Closing Date: Dec 15, 2021 12:00:00 AM