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Tender Notices Online

Tender Notices Online provides an accurate and searchable listing of active and archived tender notices issued by Government Ministries and Agencies in one centralized location. This service is especially directed to persons who own or operate companies supplying commercial products and/or services.


Why should I use this service?

•    To keep abreast of business opportunities available within Government
•    To allow adequate preparation time for responding to public tender notices
•    To keep an accurate record of procurement activities in Government

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How do I access Government tender notices?

•    Click on the appropriate link to search either active or archived tenders.
•    When the search page loads, you will be provided with three search options:
           a.    Government Body
           b.    Category of Goods and Services
           c.    Keywords
•    Select or enter search terms in one or more of the search options provided and click the submit button. A list of search results will be generated.

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How do I subscribe for new tender notice updates?

Click the RSS icon  located at the top right corner of the 'Active Tender Notices' search page and insert the RSS Link into your RSS reader. Thereafter, you should receive updates within your RSS reader.

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Where can I find more information?

For further information on a specific tender notice, you can contact the relevant Ministry, Agency or the Central Tenders Board. Contact information can be found within the Tender Notice document. Contact details for the Central Tenders Board is as follows:


Ministry of Finance

Central Tenders Board

116, Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Tel. No. 624-3577 / 625-4526 / 623-5915
Fax No. 625-1809

Central Tenders Board Website

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