Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme - TCCTP

The Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (TCCTP) is a short-term food assistance and development programme that targets vulnerable persons and families in need.  TCCTP recipients can purchase basic items they need to meet their daily nutritional requirements,thereby enhancing the health and dignity of their household and reducing the incidence of poverty.  The programme is currently implemented through a Trinidad and Tobago Debit Card, the TTCard, which is an electronic cash transfer facility.

The objectives of the Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer programme are to:

  • Provide conditional cash transfer to eligible recipients to assist in meeting nutritional needs of the household.
  • Educate recipients on the importance of a well-balanced diet.
  • Ensure all employable beneficiaries are registered with an employment agency, to actively seek employment.
  • Engage recipients in life-skills training programmes such as family and budgetary planning.
  • Engage recipients in employment training programmes.
  • Empower beneficiaries to become socially and economically independent and
  • Enhance the income earning capacity of vulnerable households.

  • Who should apply?

    This  programme seeks to empower the household to improve its quality of life in eight dimensions:

  • Personal Identification.
  • Income.
  • Education.
  • Employment.
  • Family Dynamics.
  • Health.
  • Housing.
  • Safety and Security.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It targets families in need and other vulnerable persons who experience difficulty in meeting their daily nutritional requirements due to limited or no income.  Eligibility is determined by using a means test to be administered by the Ministry.
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    How to apply?

    Applicants are required to provide the documents listed below and participate in an interview with a TCCTP Liaison Officer.  Officers are also required to make visits to verify the information provided.

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    What documents do I need?

    Applicants are required to bring the following documents:

    • Two (2) recent passport sized photos, national identification Card and Electronic Birth Certificate for the applicant.
    • Birth Certificates for all members of the applicant's household.
    • National Identification Card for all persons fifteen (15) years and above in the applicant's household.
    • ALL recent utility bills (telephone/internet, water, electricity, and cable).

    Income and expenditure verification must be provided for the applicant and each member of the applicant's household (a person sharing the same dwelling and having at least one meal together a day).  Recent documents, as listed below, must be provided where applicable:

    • Personal declarations of income.
    • Recent cheque stub from Social Assistance Grants (e.g. Disability Assistance Grant, Public Assistance Grant, Senior Citizens' Pension) if in receipt of government assistance.
    • Job letters, pay slips and NIS numbers, if employed.
    • Recent savings statement from a bank, credit union or other financial institution such as the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation.
    • Rent receipt, if a tenant.
    • Mortgage statement, if a homeowner.
    • Proof of property rental, if a landlord.
    • Land tax receipt, if a land owner.

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    How much money is available in a TTCard?

    The TTCard has three (3) valuations available based on the size of the family unit:

    1 - 3 persons = TT$410.00

    4 - 5 persons = TT$550.00

    6 + persons   = TT$700.00

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    Where can I find more information?

    For more information on how to participate in the Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme, call or visit your nearest TCCTP Regional Office.  Follow the link below for a list of office locations.

    Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (CCTP) Regional Offices

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