HDC Housing Management Committees

Housing Development Management Committees are the governing bodies for homeowners who occupy property within a particular community or common locale.  An elected board represents the homeowners' opinions or complaints to the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation.


Management Committees represent an organised and united front for the homeowners of a neighbourhood development.  Each fully-occupied housing development should have a Management Committee.

How do Management Committees work?

Once a housing development is fully occupied, a Management Committee can be formed.  The committee consists of all residents who own property within the development.  The committee then elects a board, and these board members represent the interests of the community as a whole.  Regular meeting schedules are established.  All complaints, building maintenance issues and opinions of the residents are communicated to the board, who take these concerns to the relevant department at the HDC.

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Where can I find more information?

For further information on the functions of Management Committees, please contact the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation on (868) 623-HOME (4663) ext 5550.

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