Obtaining Centre Approval from the National Training Agency

Institutions and organisations that intend to offer technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Trinidad and Tobago must obtain approval from the National Training Agency (NTA).  The NTA will ensure that your centre has the management structure and resources to support and deliver programmes within the Trinidad and Tobago National Vocational Qualification (TTNVQ) Framework, which is the new national accreditation system for vocational education.  Please see the Quick Links section on the left of your screen for more information about the TTNVQ Framework.

Can my centre apply for NTA Approval?

Any institution or organisation that provides training in a TVET-related area at the pre-craft or craft level is eligible to apply for NTA Approval.  Please follow the link below for a list of all sectors for which qualification is available.


List of TTNVQ by Sectors


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How does my centre apply for NTA Approval?

You must submit a formal written request for centre approval to the Chief Executive Officer of the NTA at either of the addresses provided at the bottom of this page.  The NTA will send you an application package along with instructions for completion within 21 days of receiving your request.  You will also receive an on-site visit from an NTA Quality Assurance (QA) Officer who will be responsible for guiding your centre through the approval process.

Prior to submitting your application, the QA Officer will conduct a working meeting with personnel from your centre to ensure that you have a full understanding of, and are able to meet, the NTA criteria.  After this meeting, your centre may submit a completed application together with the following documents:

  • The centre's Equal Opportunity Policy.
  • A list of physical resources that will be used to support training.
  • One copy of, or the reference number for, written authorisation from each of the following agencies confirming the suitability of the building being used as the institution or organisation:
    • Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA).
    • Electrical Inspectorate of the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC).
    • Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services (TTFS).
    • The appropriate Ministry of Health Regional Health Authority (RHA).
  • A list detailing the following information for each staff member involved in delivering training services:
    • Full Name.
    • Relevant educational and training qualifications.
    • Industrial experience.
    • Teaching or assessment experience.
  • A copy of all assessment materials being used.
  • A copy of all materials and candidate brochures (e.g. textbooks, in-house training materials, videos, multimedia, etc.) used for theoretical training.

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What happens after my centre applies?

Upon receipt of your centre's complete application, a NTA QA Officer will review it and, if necessary, request any omitted or additional information.  If the review proves to be satisfactory, an NTA audit team will visit the organisation to verify that the systems described in the submission are effectively implemented.  If the review of your application proves to be unsatisfactory, NTA will advise you of any remedial action necessary in order to meet approval criteria.  Your centre may request quality enhancement services from the NTA to assist in putting the systems in place, in accordance with the remedial action identified.


At the conclusion of the centre approval visit, if the audit proves to be unsatisfactory, the Audit Team will provide recommendations for improvement and conduct a follow-up audit upon request within six months.  If the audit team finds that the Centre meets all the criteria, the Audit Team will recommend the centre for approval to the NTA Centre Approval Committee.


Your centre will be notified in writing of the effective date of its approval. Surveillance audits will be conducted once a year, from the approval effective date, to ensure the Centre's continuing compliance with NTA criteria.


The approval process can take up to two months, depending on your centre's level of compliance at the time of application.

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Are there any associated fees?

There is a non-refundable processing fee of TT$2,500.00 that must be paid at the time of application.  There is an additional fee of TT$600.00 for each technical expert that is needed.


Once your centre is approved, an annual surveillance audit will be conducted to ensure your centre's continuing compliance with NTA criteria. You must pay a fee of TT$2,500.00 for each surveillance audit.


Payments must be in the form of a cheque made payable to the National Training Agency.

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Where can I find more information?

For more information, please visit the NTA website at the link below or contact an NTA office.

National Training Agency
140-142 Mulchan Seuchan Road
Chaguanas, 501345
Trinidad, West Indies
Tel. (868) 672-7107/7108/9942/9943
Fax. (868) 672-7109

National Training Agency (Tobago Office)
Tobago Technology Centre
79 Milford Road
Tobago, West Indies
Tel. (868) 635-1721
Fax. (868) 635-0280

National Training Agency (NTA) website


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