MIC Institute of Technology - Training Services

The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Division offers Training Programmes through the MIC Institute of Technology (MIC-IT). The objectives of these programmes are as follows:

  • To be a catalyst for developing National Technical and Vocational competencies for competitive industries through quality training, innovation, manufacturing and engineering products and services. 
  • To develop new technologies and innovation that drives national competitiveness in the industrial sector in Trinidad and Tobago. 
  • To prepare students for the world of work through the ‘Work and Learn’ model learning, which gives them the advantage of real, on-site job experience.

Who can register for these Training Programmes?

These programmes are available to: 

  • Unemployed Citizens from the age of 16 looking to learn a trade  or gain technical skills in the World of Work.
  • Persons interested in becoming a qualified/industry ready Craftsman etc.
  • Technical-Vocational Instructors/Teachers
  • Energy, Industrial and Manufacturing Sector - to train their employees.


These programmes equip persons with technical vocational skills, as well as a practical, theory, life skills and entrepreneurial skills to become more employable.


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Who can qualify for these Training Programmes?

These programmes are open to Nationals/ Residents of Trinidad & Tobago Age 16 and older.

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How do I register for these Training Programmes?

  1. You can register at any MIC-IT centres (listed on MIC-IT's website) OR sign up online via MIC-IT's website. (
  2. Registration Team will make contact with applicant
  3. Sign up officially and bring the required documents
  4. Pay registration Fee
  5. Wait for call/ message for programme orientation date

The following documents are required for registration:

  1. National/ Resident of Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Minimum age of Sixteen (16) years
  3. Copy of Identification Card
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate
  5. Utility Bill
  6. 2 Passport sized Photos

*Depending on the programme, CXC certificates, Bank account information, etc. will be required.

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Where can I register for these Training Programmes?

One can register for a programme online and at any of MIC-IT's Centres which offer the programme in which the applicant is interested in. 

To see which Centres offer the programmes in which you are interested, please visit: and click on your interested programme tab on the left hand side.

Contact information all Centres can be found:


Head Office accepts ALL programme applications: 

Head Office
5A Century Drive, Trincity Business Park, Macoya
Tel: +1 (868) 663-4MIC (4642)
Fax: 663-6055
General E-mail:

Construction and Facilities Services :
Training Services:
Industry Services:
Marketing Department:


Once there is an upcoming cycle, there are no deadlines. All applications are kept on record, and applicants are contacted when there is an upcoming cycle.

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Are there any fees associated with this service?

Registration Fee can vary depending on the programme chosen.

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Where can I get more information?

You can find further information via the following: - MIC-IT's website - MIC-IT's Facebook page (Instant Messaging is available via Facebook page)

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Listing of all Training Services

Training Services currently offered are as follows:

  1. Helping You Prepare For Employment (HYPE)
  2. Multi-Sector Skills Training (MuST)
  3. MuST - Hospitality & Tourism: Level I
  4. MuST - Construction: Level II
  5. MuST - Crop Production & Animal Husbandry (Level Ii)
  6. Industrial Craft Programme (ICP)
  7. National Skills Development Programme (NSDP)
  8. Joinery
  9. Journeyman
  10. Master Craftsman
  11. AWS: American Welding Society
  12. Certified Welding Educator Programme (CWE)
  13. Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Programme
  14. Schools Excelling Through National Skills Standards Education (SENSE)
  15. Workforce Assessment Centre (WAC)
  16. Technical Vocational Instructor & Teacher Training Development Unit (TVITTDU)
  17. Mechatronics
  18. Customised and Evening Courses
  19. Engineer-In-Training Programme

They also provide Industry & Construction Services:

Industry Services 

Construction Services:


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