Tobago Heritage Festival

The Tobago Heritage Festival is a major event on the national calendar, especially for the island of Tobago.  The festival, spanning a two-week period from mid July to early August, is an annual celebration of the heritage of Tobago - dance, song, music and cuisine.  During this time Tobagonians embark on a pilgrimage to the cultural heart of their ancestors - their Mecca of rebirth and revival.

Participants can look forward to an exciting extravaganza that not only expresses the soul of its people, but also intrigues and fascinates the thousands who witness the spectacle.  The Tobago Heritage Festival was first staged in 1987.  The festival is fast becoming the main event on the Tobago calendar and it has become accepted as its signature event, becoming for Tobago what Carnival is for Trinidad.

The productions are based in the very quaint and picturesque villages of Tobago, which brings a certain measure of authenticity to the productions and also allows visitors an opportunity to explore the island as they move from one venue to another.  Many events will be held at night under the canopy of star-lit skies and balmy moonlight nights, to the delight and enchantment of guests.

The gala opening held sets the tone for the entire festival.  Events such as the Ole Time Tobago Wedding, the Goat and Crab Races at Buccoo along with the Belmanna Riots and Salaka Feast all feature significantly on the festival calendar.

Throughout the entire Heritage period visitors and residents are able to visit the many quaint and friendly communities that dot this island paradise as they explore the various aspects of its past.  Every day or night one is treated to the indigenous cultural art forms that are the heart of this island.

Patrons may savour the traditional culinary delights and thrill to the pulsating rhythms and dances and the varied oral traditions.

So we invite you to join with us as we once again stake claim to our heritage in an experience of renewal and remembrance.