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Members of the business community can now go to ttconnect Tender Notices Online for a centralized listing of tender notices issued by government ministries and agencies. Endorsed by the Trinidad and Tobago Central Tenders Board, Tender Notices Online is the latest e-Service being offered by ttconnect.  

There are several reasons that have propelled the launch of this service. Chief of these is the fact that Tender Notices Online represents an important step in increasing transparency in government procurement practices. This service gives all potential bidders an equal opportunity to access business opportunities in government. The 24/7 online repository also allows potential bidders the ability to electronically search for active and archived tenders at their own convenience. The service distinguishes itself from other online tender portals by offering free viewing of notices and continuously maintaining accurate listings and details of active tender notices. Additionally, search filters incorporated in the system enhances functionality and ease of use.

ttconnect Tender Notices Online is part of Government’s overarching drive to improve the delivery of services to the public. The anticipated evolution of the service will see the provision of an end-to-end e-tendering solution where business persons will be able to submit proposals and make payments online.


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