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NADAPP - National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

The National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme (NADAPP) coordinates drug abuse prevention and demand reduction initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago and supports the efforts of non-governmental organisations involved in the struggle to rid the nation of the scourge of drug abuse.


NADAPP's goal is to reduce both legal and illegal drug abuse through a preventative approach. This involves informing the public of the health and social consequences of substance abuse as well as the benefits of adopting healthy lifestyles.

What services does NADAPP provide?

NADAPP offers the following services:

  • Public education.
  • Information dissemination.
  • School prevention.
  • Community prevention.
  • Workplace prevention.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Document Research and Information Centre.
  • Regional and international cooperation and collaboration.


There are a number of drug treatment and resource centres throughout the country that work with NADAPP to provide some of the services listed above.  Various community action groups act as information centres and conduct workshops in the community.  Follow the links at the end of this section to obtain a list of drug treatment centres and community action groups in your area.


NADAPP's Document Research and Information Centre has a wide range of publications that provide information and statistics on drugs, alcohol and substance abuse in Trinidad and Tobago.  The link below provides a list of the publications available from NADAPP.


Community Action Groups

Drug Treatment and Resource Centres

NADAPP Information Resource Centre

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How can I access the services provided by NADAPP?

Please contact the nearest drug treatment resource centre or community action group by following the links above, or contact NADAPP at:


NADAPP Secretariat

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services

62 Abercromby Street

Port of Spain


Tel. (868) 627-3506/3527

Fax. (868) 627-4471


Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays

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Where can I find more information?

For more information, please contact NADAPP at (868) 627-3506/5327 or visit the NADAPP website by following the link below.


National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme (NADAPP)

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