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WASA - Water Services

The Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (WASA) provides water and sewage services to residents and communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  WASA serves over 90% of the population with pipe-borne water through private house connections and standpipes.


Waste-water services for the majority of the population are provided through a central sewage collection and treatment system or by cesspit-tank soil absorption field systems.


Below is a list of the services that WASA provides to the public:

  • New water connections (installation, account administration, WASA clearance certificates, Ownership Titles).
  • Water trucking services.
  • New sewer connections.
  • Maintenance of water and sewer connections.
  • Water resources maps, survey reports and graphs.
  • Chemical or bacteriological analysis.
  • Mapping and GIS information.
  • Rental of WASA grounds.
  • Visits to WASA facilities (dams, plants, etc.).

Where can I find more Information?

For more information about the services provided by WASA, please visit the WASA website or contact your nearest WASA office using the links provided below.

Water and Sewerage Authority Website

WASA office locations

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